Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vive la carpool lane!

One of my fave vacations yet! Nikki and I have been friends since I was in college and we met through one of those off-campus apartments where the residents pay for their rooms in a 4-bedroom apartment and have random roommates. Well, must've been fate because we're still great friends who fly across the country to see each other every year or so (and she went to a psychic once, and Ms. Cleo said we were Native American twins in another life..). Anywho, here's a little synopsis:

Day1- Arrived at John Wayne International and Nikki scooped me up in her pimp '87 Mercedes and we zoomed up the 405 (?) in the carpool lane. We drove to Nikki's hood, Long Beach, and ate at La Creperie, CUTE! We called it a night and crashed so I could adjust to the time change.

Day 2- Drove to San Clemente, where Nikki's grandfather lives, and laid out by the pool. I felt so Laguna Beach in this big mansion, Nikki calls it "the compound". Her grandpa cooked steaks in his new-fangled counter-top convection oven and we watched American Idol.
Day 3- Got up, lounged by the pool some more, then we drove to Nikki's friend Torrie's house and hopped into her car. 4 hours later, Vegas, baby! First ever Del Taco consumption on the way.
We went to the Playboy Club at the Palms, where we tried to fend off as many male conventioneers as possible. I broke even playing roulette, then we got back to the place we were staying at 5am!
Day 4 - 8:00am, drove back to San Clemente, got Nikki's car, headed to Chipotle, ate, then fell asleep at 8:00pm, exhausted.
Day 5- Went shopping at H&M then drove home get ready for a west coast bonfire. The bonfire was at Bolsa Chica, near Huntington Beach I think. Everything you'd think of at a bonfire, this one had; sunset over water, hangers made into skewers, hot dogs, mallows, s'mores, and a guitar.
Day 6- Last day, we took a walk around Nikki's super cute neighborhood as the consistently perfect weather made made me miss California before I'd even left. Later, we hit up In-N-Out and hugged goodbye on the curb of LAX!

Until we meet again, In-N-Out burger of my dreams!


Jesse said...

Jealous! And glad you didn't eat healthy LA sprout juice food while you were there.

Nicole said...

J'aime La Creperie! J'aime le carpool lane! How did Hoff get the guitar cameo? Lame! J/K...glad you had fun!

Nicole said...

Oh, you forgot to mention how my Grandpa also popped a Coors light and joined us in the 'Cuzzi to hit on you! Papa loves the ladies!!!

Paula said...

in n out burgers are the most delicious ever! i wish that i could have accompanied you guys!!