Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ever wonder who's who at a wedding? Well, Mélangerie Inc., an NYC based design outfit tapped into satisfying that curiosity. Check out the description below of their wedding genealogy charts, very clever. And such an ice breaker!

click for a detailed version, very cool!
Wedding genealogies are customized charts, similar to a family tree, that detail the relationships of the bride and groom to all of their wedding guests. Great for the cocktail hour and receptions, these charts fill guests in on who’s a friend from childhood, a neighbor, a family member, and more. Wedding Genealogy charts also serve as a lovely piece of wedding memorabilia.The Wedding Lineage chart is traditional in feel, and guests are organized in a linear, typographic fashion using color, placement and call outs of interesting facts and connections. All information and colors are customizable.

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