Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shoes....shoes...shoes, OMG, shoes

Most people say wearing a white wedding gown signifies purity, some say wealth, but what does your shoe color say about you? White gowns have a long history, but who said the slippers have to be white, too!

Lemon yellow can bring out your cheerful personality and whoever gets a glimpse of your pumps will know you love being happy!
Pink is the sweet side of red. Pink peep toe platforms will provoke passion with a pinch of playfulness (all about some awesome alliteration).

Red delicious shoes might tell people you LOVE love, something serious. You're and angel and a devil with canned heat in your heels all night.

Blue hues are calming and friendly. They may evoke feelings of stability. You'll have your lucky "something blue", and a reason to smile, as if getting married isn't reason enough.

Colorful shoe=modern bride.

photos: projectwedding.com

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