Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Into Style

Time for Tea

Springtime not only means warm weather and cute bathing suits, but shorter hemlines for wedding dresses. Women everywhere are baring their legs and raising their skirts to show off their new spring tans! Now let’s not get crazy ladies, calf length or maybe knee length look absolutely stunning- anything above that might be considered improper for such an occasion. Pair these shorter dresses with bright colored pumps or sandals to add the unexpected "Wow!"

Orange is the New Pink

Or is it? This season it’s not so much about which colors are “in” or “out” but which shades are being seen. Say goodbye to pastels and hello to jewel tones- bright, rich colors are taking over! Vibrant hues are popping up all over in weddings this season, from floral arrangements to bridesmaid dresses and invitations.

Garden Charm

Intimate backyard weddings and rustic outside dinners have been huge hits for as long as grandma will hide the antiques- partially because they cost less than renting a huge venue. Done the right way a garden wedding or even just reception gives off that warm, laid-back feeling that makes everyone feel like family. Make sure to check with neighbors about any sound issues that may arise as well as all of your vendors to make ensure they have the proper space and equipment to make your big day a success!

Kid in a Candy Store

While late night snacks have always been a popular idea, having fun treats at the end of the night are becoming more and more popular. Milk and cookies are a hit, as well as the traditional candy bar where guests take home a bag full of goodies compliments of the bride and groom. Other great ideas include lollipops in event colors, freshly popped popcorn in vintage containers, or something meaningful to the couple- dessert sushi anyone??

Moral of the story: Wear a tea length dress and carry your bright bouquet to your backyard wedding with some sweet late night bites!

photos: Martha Stewart Weddings, The Bride's Cafe, Amy Atlas, ElizabethAnnDesigns

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