Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My goal for the past 6 months has been to learn more about floral design and aesthetics. I wonder if I'll ever be ALL about it... Outlook not so good. Idk, I can identify what I want after I see it, but I can't quite visualize all the components of a beautiful bouquet or floral centerpiece, other than "Yeah, I want some pink in there.".

For any other floral bone heads out there, we should band together and use the tools that are out ther for us: Czech out's Ultimate Wedding Flower Guide. A short, sweet, unscented explanation of types of flowers, their seasons and colors, etc. Nice.

In the spirit of my love of beautiful photos, I also like looking at To Have and To Hold Magical Wedding Bouquets by David Stark & Avi Adler. A lot of luxurious and fresh floral ideas.

This is my kind of arrangement... on the rocks

When all else fails, and I realize I just have an aversion to floral design, much like I do organizing my taxes, I just call up my industry peeps and let them have at it!

Some of my Charleston faves: A New Leaf Studio, Fleur, Tiger Lily, Lotus Flower, Jade Water Designs, Gathering, among others!


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