Friday, February 8, 2008

Dipping Sauces - $3

My artist/photog/friend Christina Bailey (X-tina is suitable, as well) took some photos of me for Social Event Design so I would have some professional-esque shots; here are some outtakes and the final!

These were taken at Monza, the new pizzeria on King. We just wanted some candids, but it turned out really nice, it sort of looks like a set. It's sum good eatin' too.

Go figure, the shot I liked the best was taken when we switched seats and I didn't have the words "egg", "dipping sauces" and "no SUBSTITUTIONS" above my head, lol. Here it is on my ABOUT page on my website, Woot!

Thanks X-tina!

Photos: Christina Bailey


Nicole said...

I like your hair! It looks like mine!

Rich said...

Sarah, I definitely like this last pic the best. Looks great!