Saturday, February 16, 2008


The more things change, the more they stay the same, right? I had an epiphany tonight, after a couple glasses of wine and a shot... or two, that I love my blog and it's sort of like my personal journal that I never started writing in. All of you visit my blog every day, an astonishing growing number, and I bare my professional soul to you, but what about my personal thoughts that make up the backbone of my posts? I'm not a complicated individual, I have been blessed with the "happy-go-lucky" gene from my Dad, Gene. I love the simple things in this life, like good friends to laugh with, and time to myself to discover me (seeing as I'm *mostly* an only child). Hopefully, if the internet doesn't crash, my kids will read this one day. Sorry to get so sentimental on you, but here's a glimpse at what makes up "me":
Spent some time growing up in England,
a lil' military brat for a while.
omFg, 80's for realz, look at that shirt! And HAIR!
I can't believe I'm posting this on my blog...
(Hey, Scott Baio called, he wants his hair back)

Atlanta, Georgia making the best of what's around.

My BFF Paula, since we were little.

My Dad, my hero, or gyro.

My Greggy, we'll still be having a great time
when we're old farts, LOVE IT!

Okay, signing off, back to normal next week! Have a good weekend!


Suzanna said...

liked the 80s pic. Looks real retro.

Paula said...

omg! i can't believe you put that pic up! haha !

Rich said...

Sarah, don't hate the shirt. Embrace it. I know I have.