Monday, June 11, 2007

Event I'd like to attend- O'- the- week

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Taking a title cue from the City Paper's Blotter, since I love their little "O'-the-week"-isms, here we go:

We've been hearing and seeing Ocean's 13 all over the place, and last week their premier party in L.A. looked so fun, to plan and to attend. The party was for 1,200 lucky invitees and it looked like it was out of a "Girls Next Door" go to Vegas episode.

It took place in a parking lot, though you'd never know it, behind El Capitan Theater in L.A., and apparently setting fireworks off in the middle of Hollywood is a fantastic feat, even for a city where it seems anything can be done.

In any case this event looked like it rocked, but from my perspective no wonder it took the whole team of people from Warner Bros. to plan and execute it.

Sometimes I wonder how life would be if I moved to L.A. or New York to pursue these ginormous event jobs, it all seems a little overwhelming. One day I might have the stamina to zip around like a bat outta hell, but for right now I'm enjoying this Southern comfort.

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Jesse said...

Can you imagine??? That event would take over your life for the duration of the planning period! You could do it, though.