Thursday, June 14, 2007

Je voudrais un verre de vin

"I would like a glass of wine"; this is probably what my friend Kenton is saying as I type because she's attending a wedding in Sonoma Valley, California this weekend. All her clever itinerary planning made me wonder about fun things to do in other parts of wine country. Today we're going to Napa Valley!

Research led me to discover Festival del Sole, a ten day lifestyle festival blending together wine, cuisine, art, literature and music in Napa Valley, California from July 13-22, 2007. This will be the second annual Festivale del Sole, and last year's resounding success foreshadowed many exciting editions to come.

World class performers, celebrity chefs, top winemakers, and a scenic setting make this event very attractive for oenophiles (winos), foodies and culture-seekers. You can be sure there will be opening receptions, luncheons, wrap parties, gala dinners and all sorts of other special events that really make the Festival del Sole a "see and be seen" staple of Napa Valley.

So if it gets too hot here in Charleston, head to Northern California in mid-July and consider Festival del Sole as Spoleto's classy west coast counterpart.

photos by David Patrick Columbia

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