Monday, June 18, 2007

Nouveau Cocktail

These great finds from CB2 (shhh, extension of Crate & Barrel) put a new twist on old classic cocktail party accessories. Regular martini glasses, though beautiful, tend to be pretty unwieldy especially after downing a few cosmos or if used in catering presentation (ceviche, shrimp cocktail, etc.). Check out the shortinis, they make it easier to balance and create a unique look with sturdy bases in various colors.

The satellite dishes look both retro and futuristic; they would be great for dips, condiments, or even a specialty ice cream.

Cute little stainless steel cocktail spoons look sleek and modern but are only 4.5". Make yourself a Top Chef when you present a delicate lobster foam atop these under-sized utensils, because foam isn't just for the carwash anymore.

Love your new olive dish when you spring just $12.95 for this really great serving piece that also keeps your hors d'oeuvres from escaping. Make neat patterns with alternating green and black olives for an instant conversation piece.

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