Monday, October 8, 2007

Lean green party machine

It's Britt~

My friend Jesse just got back from her sister Britt's wedding in Nashville, and said it was BEAUTIMOUS! Britt and Jeffrey got married at the Traveller's Rest Plantation, and Jesse got them eco-friendly confetti to throw called Ecofetti.

This stuff is sweet not only because it's biodegradable , but mostly because you don't have to clean it up. It's water soluble and will dissolve on its own within 48 hours... or by the hose of the maintenance crew. So if you have a problem with those stickler venues, check out Ecofetti!

See Jesse's blog entry about her sis' wedding photographer, Marissa Lee, on her Girl by design. blog. What an awesome photog she is. Congrats Mr. y Mrs. Jeff & Britt Harper!

Top photo, Marissa Lee, bottom two,

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