Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Travel Series: Toronto Metro Style

I loved writing those Travel Series posts about things going on all over the world, but it became really hard to find new and exciting topics. I found something this week that's kick ass and it motivates me to do some more digging for future Travel Series entries. I don't know about you, but there are a lot of exciting memories for me about traveling by metro. My last experience was weaving in and out of the Paris underground, "Parodon, pardon...", and the MetroRoma, "Permisso, permisso!". It was hectic and confusing at times, but it was a vivid glimpse into culture that I often day dream about.

In Canada they call servers caterwaiters, descriptive, right?

Enough about my European vacation, and speaking of metros, check out this party and venue in Toronto! It's an abandoned subway station that is sometimes still used for filming. And apparently hot parties. This party was for Film Italia, the Italian Trade Commission's celebration of Italian Cinema.

If I had access to a subway station, I'd throw an all-night RAVE; we could all wear white, and suck on Ring-pops... and watch the pretty lights... that would be just like I was back on Panama City Beach, Spring Break '99, SWEET!

photos by BizBash

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