Monday, October 22, 2007

It's easier than you think.

Wow! Meet Summer and Stephen from the ATL. They are rocking their wedding planning hardcore. All this talk about green and sustainable events, and these two have it down pat. They are having two wedding receptions so their families in Charleston and Chicago don't have to travel unnecissarily; their Charleston reception will be an eco-oyster roast with organic and local beer and wine and other organic elements.
Summer's wedding dress is a light blue raw silk dress that has not been bleached, and Stephen's wedding ring is one he's owned for years that will be "polished up, resized, and re-purposed as his wedding band." These two make it look really easy and really cool to have a sustainable wedding, their website is fascinating, check it. Congrats Summer and Stephen for realizing less is more!

Stephen's old ring, new wedding band

Photos:, special thanks Jesse!

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LK Whitney Harlos said...

whoa! summer and stephen's website is totally rockin! so well done, so well done, indeed. can't wait to see more!!!