Monday, October 1, 2007

I Heart Them!

We finally booked Vintage Velvet for our gala this year after trying to hook up with them for AT LEAST a year and a half. They are so good; I went and saw them at J.Paulz this past Saturday. They rock, but not in the David Bowie way, probably more in the Frank Sinatra way, and they look great doing it! They will be playing at J. Paulz again this Saturday night and I think they'll start around 10pm. I might go check them out again. I think it makes them extra cute that the lead singer and the bass player are husband and wife, quite a dashing couple I might add. I will be making out with their new cd as well... the love fest continues!

Book them for your event through contacting the band directly or go through OtherBrother Entertainment! Word.

photos by Vintage Velvet Band

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