Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Boutique talk

Having been in the hospitality industry all the way through college and afterward, and having a husband who is currently rocking it pretty hard, I appreciate all that goes into the biz. Event design ideas come from somewhere, usually interior design trends, so what better place to find this than in boutique hotels? Boutique hotels are artsy, trendy, ________ (ad lib here), and fun... here are some pretty photos for color ideas, textures, themes, etc. and just because I heart boutique hotels!

Loft 523, New Orleans, Louisiana
(I used to work here! It was pretty sweet, Subway delivered.)

523 Gravier Street is on the French Quarter edge of the CBD, charming.

the oh-so jaded penthouse terrace

Soho House Hotel, NYC, NY

Planning tip # 564: Decide if you would like your Agape spoon tub to be the "focal point"

Columbus Monaco, Monaco

Fuchun Resort, Shanghai, China

all photos from mrandmrssmith.com, loft523.com

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Paula said...

i've been missing N.O. lately...i was thinking if you and greg visit us in fl we could go there for a night or something its only 3 hours away from fwb!