Friday, August 10, 2007


I got the head's up from a reader (thanks Roberta) who is using Alia Designs Invitations ... and these are fancy! I can only imagine how much these cost, it sounds like I'm turning into a little bit of a penny pincher from working for a non-profit, lol-- but they are each a work of art.

Alia Designs sprung from the creativity of 2 sisters, and the website says this about the idea behind the hand made keepsakes: "Drawing inspiration from history, the pair discovered that some of the first invitations were sent out by Maharajas and Kings and were hand calligraphed on fine silk. They were also often adorned with jewels to express the permanence and richness of love and to show the host’s adoration for each guest by sending such a lavish gift. This inspiration, combined with the pair’s passion for fine fabrics, embroideries and eye for design, spurred the making of Alia Designs. "

The website has some great photos and it's worth a stare... yes, that's one invitation, and it's made of SILK!
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