Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Democrats party in style!

Remember that teaser post that was up for, like, a second a few weeks ago? No? Well anyway, it's BACK and totally major. Most of you may remember that the Democratic debates took place at the Citadel on July 23 where all eight of the Democratic presidential candidates duked it out, so to speak... Yeah, yeah, but what about the dang after party, right?

Right, the after party was held at the Visitor's Center bus shed, and what a transformation it was! Stephen Duvall Catering & Events, and the Decor department in particular, really did a number on that space. Not to mention PDA, Other Brother Ent. and all the other people that made it something to blog about. The length of the structure was converted into 6 different rooms, each with a totally distinctive theme and look. For example there was the "Backyard" area where the entire ground was covered in real grass with cabanas and sleek leather ottoman groupings. Another stunning room had pure white shag carpet, red velvet sofas and white leather globe chairs.
The performance section looked amazing with an illuminated red bar, mod furniture and none other than SC-bred Edwin McCain taking the stage, by OBE. Enough cannot be said about PDA's absolute meticulous commitment to everything lighting and technology-related (as you can see), like whoa!

As for F&B, Stephen Duvall created a beautiful dessert tower with everything in the color scheme of the night (red, blue, yellow, green), as well as other stations with light hors d'oeuvres. The drinks were festive with glow-cubes, and other details included jars and vases filled with candy for party-goers to rifle through.

All in all it was a FANTASTIC event, and just give you an idea of how Dem donkeys party... it started at 9:30pm on a Monday night and the clean up crew didn't leave until 5 the next morning, I wonder if Obama Girl was there!

all photos by Stephen Duvall Catering & Events

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