Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Event I don't know if I'd like to attend O' the week!

I'll admit, I'm a pop-culture-lovin' fool! I watch all the shows, read all the gossip and know how to buy into most of the hype. This brings me to the biggest pop-culture event of the weekend... How exhausting was it to be the planners behind the MTV VMAs and all that goes along with them?! I sometimes contemplate moving to a big city and getting into planning these glamorous, star-studded parties but I wonder how much crap they really have to put up with!

In Vegas this year, the VMAs took over the strip and someone was responsible for securing the Palms Hotel & Casino and orchestrating the red carpet in the lobby, the performances in the suites, letting the right people in and keeping the wrong people out, etc. SWAG suites everywhere- each probably requiring their own designs, F&B, rentals, entertainment, oh- and all that CRAP they give to rich people for FREE!!!

I read somewhere that Kanye West demanded all the furniture in his suite be removed and customized furniture be made and brought in for the 72 hours he was there... how'd you like to be the gopher for that? Securing liquor sponsors (prolly not that difficult), pleasing celebs, their managers and publicists, throwing parties and putting on concerts... and OMG the CLEANUP!!! Yeah, as glam as it may seem, I'm glad I was on this side of the boob-tube cringing at Britney and dancing along with Chris Brown, instead of actually working. Enjoy Chris Brown and Rihanna below, espesh if you love to break it down!

photos by BizBash

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