Tuesday, September 4, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things:

JBC's innovative presentation

Of all of the catering companies that have rolled through here, I've definitely had more than my fair share of their food (apparent in a dang 15 lb. weight gain when I first moved to Charleston; but that's neither here nor there). Having learned how to control myself when the passed hors d'ouevres come around, I've found I have favorites that I still crave, and here they are, please feel free to share your faves too!

1. JBC Catering- anything with their fried oysters. James Burns does this thing with a fried oyster on a yummy cornbread thing with a dot of remoulade, to die for. Also, for our Smith Circle Dinner last winter they did a crisp oyster atop wilted baby spinach with gorgonzola, pancetta and a maple cider vinaigrette... yeah, it was freaking good!
2. Hamby- Love, love, love how they make shrimp and grits into a passed hors d'oeuvre. Shrimp on a small grit cake, that melts in your mouth, with the fixin's on top! And of course the famous finger sandwiches, my favorite's shrimp salad.
Stephen Duvall's awesome glamour shot

3. Stephen Duvall- We booked them for our gala last year and this soup they did for the first course was AMAZING, curried butternut squash bisque with toasted pumpkin seed oil and fresh chervil, I wish I could order that in bulk :) Let's see, they also did a yummy mandarin orange creme brulee with fresh raspberries.
4. Mediterra- Their roast beef po'boys at Jesse's wedding were so simple, yet SO GOOD! For another Gibbes party last year, Made in China, they fried fresh panko-breaded drunken chicken skewers with a selection of sauces, and fresh fried food is the best.
5. Good Food - Orzo pasta salad with dried cranberries, pine nuts, roasted vegetables and olive oil... I tried to make this at home, there is no comparison. They also did this shredded pork basted with Bermuda honey on a sun dried tomato crostini, better than any shredded pork I've ever had!
Granville's take on a nicoise salad

6. Granville's- yes they cater! South African sweet peppers filled with goat cheese; creamy, tangy, sweet and spicy! Do I sound like Giada with my food porn descriptions?
7. Ted's Butcherblock- Among the tons of good stuff you can get here, the best and freshest catering item I've tried is a simple caprese-style hors d'oeuvre with mozarella, plum tomato and basil on a fresh crostini drizzled with balsamic glaze. I tried to make this one at home, too, but it just wasn't the same.

Photos by JBC Catering, Stephen Duvall, and Charleston Picture Company