Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spirit Hands

I find the holidays a lil' stressful, what with all the different colors you're supposed to decorate with, and cookie recipes out the --s! This year, as I'm decorating my new-ish first home and looking for party decor ideas, I'll keep the word "festive" in mind. It doesn't discriminate; "festive" is just exactly that, and here's my idea of fun (you know I have to say, "and festive") holiday entertaining--

Fabulousstationery.com will personalize your party invitations AND make you look cooler than you feel.

I SO want these Illusion wine glasses. They would totally be the perfect ice breaker for a "jingle mingle" because they have an interestingly clever design... and they will most likely contain WINE!
Cast a cool shadow with the lumen candle, which projects flickering wintry wonderlands of cedar, magnolia, or pine trees on your wall. These were designed by Adam Frank, a Brooklyn based artist and inventor.

... And back to the alcohol, overindulge the ever present holiday sweet tooth by toasting to good times with chocolate shot cups. The price makes them sweeter than boring ol' shotglasses any day.

If I were ambitious enough, I would try to make this Spiced Hot Chocolate Recipe, but I'm not... so I won't.

photos: Domino Magazine, Fabulousstationery.com, Uncommon Goods, Red Envelope, Urban Outfitters

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Nicole said...

Jingle mingle? You are an uber goober!