Friday, November 16, 2007

week before Thanksgiving = chaos

I feel like I have been slacking on my blog lately, but I have to admit I've been very busy studying up on how to be the perfect hostess for a Thanksgiving feast. Our first year in our new home and my husband up and deemed our house as THE PLACE TO BE for 7 + our baby nephew. I had a great entry to post yesterday, Jesse was going to be my guest blogger about holiday fashion and style, because that's her thing. Alas, I couldn't open her file so, I'll have to post this juicy info next week.

You can check out my dear friend Laura Kate Whitney's new blog, Sense Charleston. LK's approach to exploring the senses will inspire you to do the same!

Anywho, as I'm basking in my turkey-frying virginity and figuring out the best way to organize my crazy shopping list, I'll try to post a bit here and there next week. I'll even post the pics of my triumph or loss-- for the record books. Ciao!

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