Friday, November 30, 2007

Do you see what I see?

Mirror strands, like the ones above will sparkle behind the stage

The Gibbes Ready, Jet-Set, Go! Gala is next Saturday, December 8. I'm starting to get all cloudy in my head because of all the last-minute details! I thought it would be a good mental exercise to post my design so I can see what it seems like all together.

The gala theme is retro air travel, hence "Ready, Jet-Set, Go!" and some items included in the live auction will be "The International" - a trip for 4 to a luxury golf resort in Ireland, "The Weekender"- tickets for 2 anywhere in the country and fine Gucci luggage to go with it, and "The Mogul"- a getaway to Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Ireland above and a diva-licious necklace from Geiss & Sons below

So, in the spirit of aeronautics I am focusing on making these jet-set guests feel like it's the best plane ride they've ever been on (not hard to do, if you're not really on a plane, right?). Here is a small sample of my design ideas.

Tiger Lily will create a few different versions of the arrangement above, to look like clouds

Groupings of two different shades of blue pintuck linen will add interest

got these customized wing pins made for staff to wear and guests to have fun with

There's a lot more--like flying through the clouds, the VIP Sky Lounge area, the all-white dance floor, furniture arrangements to mimic airport waiting areas, Vintage Velvet, etc. but I feel so much better now that I can see all of this together. Maybe I'll do the rest next post. What do you think?

photos: BizBash, Tiger Lily Florist, BBJ, istockphoto


gh said...

You said your getting all "Cloudy" in your head - HA! Get it??? Air Travel???? Cloudy????? I kill me...

It all looks terrific and I'll bet it's a big success!

Jesse said...

I'm glad you all finally got to use this theme. I suggested it about a year ago in conjunction with the Bermuda exhibition, but everyone seemed lukewarm on it. Nice to see it coming to completion!

Paula said...

crap i forgot about the dress!!!! i hope that you have a replacment! sorry!