Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Charmer- a practitioner of folk magic

This holiday season a couple of girlfriends and I decided to see if we could put our gift-wrapping and design experience to the test (Dillard's holiday '05, what what!) and make some sweet moolah.

Along with chic and precision wrapping, we'll personally shop for those last-minute gifters (with their sweet moolah, of course), help any procrastinators plan their holiday party, and also decorate the same procrastinator's home or office for the season.

Sounds like a fun idea, hope we see something from it this year, and if so you'll be seeing CHARM again next year!
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Jaime said...

Too cool! Oh, and you've been 'tagged', check out my blog to Had to share your blog w/everyone, it's too inspiring not to! Anyhow, Happy Holidays!


Jaime said...

Ooops...forgot to give you my blog's, have fun!

gh said...

I thought I'd join Procrastinators Anonymous but then again... maybe I'll hold off for a while.

HA! I kill me...

Jesse said...

When you all are shopping for people, go to Worthwhile and ask for Brad. He's a style expert!