Monday, December 10, 2007

The photos are rolling in!

Chocolate Perfection made our invitation edible!
The Ready. Jet-Set. Go! Gala was a success! Here are some photos and the rest are downloading, I'll post more lata. See them here at Charleston Picture Company, thanks Paul and Andrew for some amazing shots! More photos and links soon!

Above, Tiger Lily's arrangements were fluffy clouds of beautiful Hydrangea

Vintage Velvet was a hit as our in-flight entertainment

OtherBrother Entertainment's all-white Starlite dance floor was beautiful

Photos by Charleston Picture


Anonymous said...

I liked the lighting scheme against the blue screens and blue tablecloths.

Sarah Bradley said...

Thanks, those linens were my favorite I have ever seen, I got them from BB&J. Blue and Turquoise/Gold Pin Tuck.

Regina said...

You did a beautiful job, girl! The event was exquisite and reflected your good taste. Thank you again for having us be a part of the evening's festivities.