Friday, July 20, 2007

The Bold and the Beautiful

If you saw my wardrobe I don't think "bold" would be the word to describe it, but for some reason I am insanely attracted to pattern and color... I don't understand why, but my fashion and passion don't correlate :(

Love these old/new graphic patterns for a vintage/contemporary look in designing everything from invitations to decor.

Above, Saima Says Design out of Washington, DC creates luxurious and interesting designs for clients everywhere. Saima, herself, is totally cute, too!

Above, Blik Surface Graphics have ingenious varieties of wall decals. Imagine a huge mirror wall covered in this vintage pattern, tres chic!

Finally, "throw" your guests off with unexpected patterned throw pillows among a sea of solid colors. Above, West Elm's allover medallion pillow covers.

Going out boating this weekend, maybe see you at Morris Island!

photos: Saima Says Design, Blik, West Elm

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