Friday, July 6, 2007

Color combo I'm loving right now

So I'm planning a wedding for next April and the bride's chosen purple as one of her colors. Since it will be spring I thought pairing the purple with a blue or navy would be beautiful and a nice change from the lately-everpresent chocolate brown. Here are some photos I've found that make the purple/blue combo a nice reality!

This cake designed by Ellen Baumwoll for Bijoux Doux not only employs great hues but also gives a very modern feel to the classic wedding cake with whimsical shapes in 3-D piping.

Lavender roses and blue hydrangea will surely show the bride's southern roots...
But lanterns dotting the open sky above the dancefloor and hand painted parasols hung from the tent (top), from Asian Ideas, will "marry" the deep south with the far east and prep the couple for their exotic Japanese honeymoon.

FED EX What what!!
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