Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Cash rules everything around me" - Wu Tang Clan

Do you ever wonder how much event planners make? Are you an event professional and wonder if what you're making is comparable to others in your field? I know; this is a highly interesting topic, here is what I've found:

I looked through a few resources and's Salary Wizard shows that the median salary for a meeting/event planner in Charleston, SC is $47,567 with the 75th percentile of people in this category making $58,252. The average pay for event professionals in the entire nation is $51,703 and $63K on the high end.

Catering managers in Charleston make about $36,797 according to the website. Wedding planner pay, on the other hand, is harder to gauge because of the highly independent nature of the job :(. I would think Charleston wedding consultants make anywhere from $30K-$100K, don't quote me, I'm not a reliable source.

If you're considering making the move to the Big Apple, a 10-person survey last year reported that an average NYC professional makes around $73,850 and is 39 years old. (Click here for the full article and details)

photos from BizBash

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