Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's a Gelato kind of summer!

For those of you who know about Paolo's Gelato Italiano on John Street next the Rue de Jean, you know what I mean when I say it's full of charachter! Paolo Dalla Zorza is the uber-charasmatic owner of the authentically unique gelateria and he is one of the nicest people, like, ever. In addition to his Charleston shoppe, he also own's a Paolo's Gelato Italiano in Atlanta (which has appeared on the Food Network), and has many other ventures including being a pet chef.

beacon of yummy goodness

The flavors of gelato, which are whipped fresh daily, range from Italian favorites like Straciatella and Nutella to interesting options like 1,000 Roses, Olive Oil, and Chianti; check them ALL out here.

Me and Paolo, just chillin'

The reason I'm blogging about Paolo and his gelato is because it's a fun addition to your summer events! Paolo rents out a cart filled with your potions of choice and it's nothing but self serve FUN! We had this at our spring Rodin preview party and I chose Straciatella, Raspberry, and Pistachio flavors in the colors of the Italian flag... you know, a Spoleto thing. I don't know how much it usually costs to rent because we got the hookup, but check it out, it's a great alternative to a regular dessert display.

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Paula said...

today would have been the perfect day for some gelato! i miss that place...when julio gets back we will definately have to go when we visit! YUM!

Allison said...

I tried the "rose" flavor and just let me say...DELICIOUS!!! If you liked the way roses smell, you will looooooove how good they can taste! It was the most romantic smelling treat ever! Nice color too. I also recommend green apple.
yum yum yum!